Filing out a tax organizer can help us prepare your return accurately and timely.  We need to receive your information by March 15th in order to file your return by the deadline. If you’re unable to provide your information by then, we can file an extension for you free of charge.

Here are the following ways you can submit your tax information to us:

  • Drop off at our front desk until 6 p.m.
  • Drop off slot located next to the entrance 24/7
  • Mail
  • Portal
  • Appointment (by request)
  • E-Mail us at

Here is what to expect when processing your tax return:

1. Fill out the organizer, gather all your tax information, and submit it to us.


2. Information is checked in and given to your tax preparer.

3. Tax preparer completes return and is reviewed by 2nd preparer.

4. Tax preparer contacts you with results.

5. Process tax return for copies, signature pages and invoice.

6. Your signature pages are sent to you via docusign or you come to the office and sign. Once signed and returned we can efile.

Individual Organizer

Business Organizer

Rental Organizer

Farm Organizer

We appreciate you as a client and look forward to speaking with you soon. Please feel free to call us anytime with questions or concerns at (660) 747-8518.